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Customers Feedback.

Customer Feedback

Name: Maurice Date: 10/21/05

Name: Arthur Brooks Date: 10/07/05
Email Address:
Message: I'm very satisfied with the website and the service. I've bought two shirts from the company, and, so far, have no complaints. I recommend this site to all of my friends and family. I've also learned and come to appreciate my culture a lot more. Thanx

Name: Darryl CooksDate: 09/14/05
Email Address:
Message: hey Guy's I jus wanna say that u have the best culture TEEEEEEEEEEEE'SSSS EVER, Much Love Darryl, Arkansas

Name: Lakisha Date: 09/07/05
Email Address:
Message: Ilove this site I have been looking for something like this to express myself. I like to let my PRIDE hang out. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Name: Steven Date: 07/18/05
Email Address:
Message: thanks for the tees they are really unique much love

Name: Sunshine Date: 07/19/05
Email Address:
Message: LOVE this site! Beautiful shirts!!! One love Sunshine

Name: 808HOtTie Date: 05/30/05
Email Address:
Message: You guyz get dah load of dah bombess clothes!! I like dah jacket i got from you guyz! i still get um!! Keep up dah good work! Take care and Jah Bless!!

Name: Michelle Date: 05/12/05
Email Address:
Message: I love this site! Behold your new number one customer!

Name: Issa Success Joseph Kargbo Date: 05/04/05
Email Address:
Message: i love this site this is my second time of singing this page i love all root men and women give Jah all the glorie issa kargbo 78 bass street brook field freetown sierra leone

Name: Candise Date: 04/28/05
Email Address:
Message: I love this website. Everytime I get on here to buy something, I learn about some one who took a part of the movement. I had heard of the Che revolution but I didn't know what it meant, and the story on Bob is touching. Keep sending me this page. One Love,One People

Name: SoUThCaLIGiRL Date: 04/14/05
Email Address: VITAE805S@YAHOO.COM

Name: William St. Calvin IV Date: 04/13/05
Email Address:
Message: Y'all got some good stuff here, I spend a lot of money with y'all and try to get all my fellow revolutionaries to support your business as well.

Name: Queshon Date: 04/13/05
Email Address: QueshonC@Yahoo.como
Message: So far I have made 2 orders from your site . . . and I can't get enough! :) I constantly have people asking where did I get my gear. I've been thinking about starting my own business for a while, and this has given me inspiration to look into it again. One Love!

Name: The Struggle Date: 04/01/05
Email Address:
Message: My name is Earl Joran and I'm from Nashville, Tennessee. I'm the Founder and Ceo of a non-profit organization, that speaks out against the murder and violence/gun-violence of our love ones, as wel as supporting murdered love ones families as wel. I purchased the Jimmy Walker t-shirt and wore it to one of my events, I had one night. I had at least 50 to 60 people, who asked where did I get it. They stated it brought back memories of Good Times. I love ALL of your t-shirts and I'm going to order more. Thank you, Earl Jordan Founder, President & Ceo of Partners In The Struggle

Name: Craig Ali Date: 03/20/05
Email Address:
Message: This site is tight !!!

Name: Barbara Date: 03/15/05
Email Address:
Message: My entire baby tee wardrobe consists of your tee shirts. I love your selection and will continue to buy from this company.

Name: Joy Date: 03/15/05
Email Address:
Message: I'am so glad that I finally found a website that has items on the 1968 Olympic Protest. The fact that I can find everything I need, espcially things on Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X is just a blessing. Though I wonder, will you ever get anything on the Tuskegee Airmen or the Institue. If you could get this then I would be hooked for life!!! p.s. this is my little well kept secret where I live

Name: Mike Date: 03/07/05
Email Address:
Message: Yes, I love it. I will mos def support you. This is what we need.

Name: Ric Rude Date: 02/15/05
Email Address:
Message: This site is my little known GET FRESH site. I got compliments at a throwback concert from Rob Base(it takes 2 !)and J.T Money Hell thats all the confirmation I needed you guys are incredibly professional and totally reliable... Now see if you can challenge yourselves and raise the bar!!!! Peace and Love avid customer Dgrant

Name: desolate ion Date: 02/14/05
Email Address:
Message: da illest website me i's eva seen

Name: MELISSA Date: 02/10/05
Email Address:

Name: Kelly e Parker Date: 02/08/05
Email Address:
Message: Hotep, Thank you for being here. I have been searching for a site such as this. Many many thanks. Peace IS Revolution, Kelly e

Name: ANSELLA FERDINAND Date: 02/05/05
Email Address:
Message: rastafari guidance and blessing to all that made this site love

Name: Ponnetta Toodle Date: 01/28/05
Email Address:
Message: Hey what's up. Just to let you know this website is righteous and now I'm hooked

Name: Evette Samuels Date: 01/19/05
Email Address:
Message: I love your items every time I look I find something new. Your shirts bring back memories of great times in my life. I love your web site. Keep up the good work! I love music and the artist are all at your site.

Name: Elen Pirgov Date: 11/29/04
Email Address:
Message: It was a pleasure to visit your site, found it on Google. Thanks, Elen

Name: Marlene St. LewisDate: 11/24/04
Email Address:
Message: I have ordered many shirts from you previously and was glad to see that you have made them available for women, but you NEED to make them in 2XL and 3XL for women also. I had planned to order about six women's t-shirts today, but had to cancel after the first shirt I put into the shopping cart because when I began to view the women's t-shirts, including the long-sleeved (which I had hoped to order and wear the Marcus Garvey one), I find they do not come any bigger than extra large. I am so disappointed. There are many, many "plus" size women who are into reggae and also Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Angela Davis, etc., but what can a woman do if she weighs over 200 pounds and the only shirts you sell that will fit her will make her look like a "guy" - c'mon, please, please - have mercy upon we larger women - we want to look stylish and wear cultural t-shirts too - both short sleeved and long-sleeved - look at it this way, I would have easily spent at least $150 today if ANY of the shirts had been available in my size. Thank you and I sincerely hope that this message reaches the eyes of someone who can do something to improve the selection even more because I want both a Marcus Garvey and Conquering Lion T-shirt long-sleeved t-shirt more than you know and I wanted to order a Haille Selassei shirt for one of my friends who is also a "plus" size woman. Thanks.

Name: Rastaman Nane' Date: 11/21/04
Email Address:
Message: Greetings: Just wanted to say thanks for forwarding the Reggae Vibes...Everytime. Great website! One Love, Rastaman Nane - Co-Founder, Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide.

Name: Noelle Date: 11/08/04
Email Address:
Message: This site is jammin'. Keep up the upgrades and the awesome designs...prices are reasonable too! Love it...I'm a fan forever. I can't wait to rock my new gear. One love...Keep on. 

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